Type: Sirocco.
Fan Size: 10".
Location: Aft end of A Deck open promenade, port of the main mast, on the inside corner just forward of the bench.
Instruction Step: Approx. 25
Part No: Scratch build.
Bob Read Vent Number: 81.
  • Page 49 of Titanic Triumph and Tragedy
  • See Ken Marschall's cutaway painting on page 48 of Titanic An Illustrated History.

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Photo of Webmaster's model in progress.


This vent is not included in the kit.

Add a tall cowl vent and motor unit in this location.

What you need to build is a G25/H19 combo with the motor facing in one of the following directions. As Bob has done the most detailed research in this area we would suggest going with option 1.

  1. Scratch build a left handed motor unit as described in the Motor Unit section of the Vent Overview. Make it slightly smaller than the others you have built.
  2. Scratch build a cowl vent as described in the Cowl Vent section of the Vent Overview.
  3. Glue the cowl vent on to the motor unit facing aft.
  4. There are currently three opinions on the orientation of the motor (see below).

Option 1:

According to Bob's latest research the motor housing faces forward. As seen above.

Option 2:

According to James Cameron's `Titanic', the motor housing faced to the port side of the ship. See any stills from the film that show this area.

Option 3:

Bruce Beveridge has researched another configuration with the motor facing to the stern and the fan housing sticks out from the port side of the cowls column.

Modeler's choice.

Note: All instruction step numbers in () denote the instruction step for the rereleased Mincraft model.
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