Various products that we used in the construction of our models is listed as follows:
Product Purpose
Clevis Arms
For forecastle kedge anchor

Common Pins

Stern flagstaff, steam valves, crane pulleys, center anchor crane boom support arms, low rollers

Masking Tape

Hull painting, expansion joints, holding parts

Small Paint Brushes

Finesse painting of small parts

Scotch Tape

Assist in securing acetate windows, hold paper

Kristal Klear

Windows, glue, seam filler

Testors Glue

Plastic part assembly adhesive

Testors Putty

Hull, wing cab, deckhouse seams filler

Super Glue

Brass parts, some kickstrips, whistle bonding


Windows on hull and decks

Fishing Line 4 & 10lb Test

For all rigging, hull knuckles

Pulled Sprue (White)

Cables, piping, ribbing, microdots, pulleys, whistles, pole clips, mast clamps, guy wire turnbuckles, deck posts, docking bridge posts,
motor units, derrick, derrick mast clamps, mast vent, prow stay, canvas rails (on prow), crow's nest mast supports, Gibb vent piping, conduits, rudder loop

Sheet Plastic Evergreen .020 Planked
Bridge roof, bulwarks, partitions, davit deck repair, interiors, boat seats, #4 hatch covers, #1 hatch cover, compass
tower, vent covers, The `Box' lid, wing cabs, deckhouse roof wings, funnel struts, GSC Skylight covers, bridge gear case, hull doors, deck doors, Poop Deck raised skylights, docking bridge supports, docking bridge stairwell cover, well deck mast stay plates, wheelhouse wall, illuminated doorway signs
Plastic Microrod Evergreen .035
Pipes, GSC stanchions, tank room cover supports, docking bridge flag poles, sounding spars, semaphore bases, missing funnel pipes, superstructure coaling arms, crane poles, phone box stands, bridge instruments, safety poles along #1 funnel, barrel pipes
Glass Beads Red, Green, Pearl, White
Running lamps, GSC light fixtures
Sequins Brass/gold
Capstan covers, telegraph controls
Sprinkles Gold Dots
Grand staircase railing decor

Thread A/M Rigging

Used for deck ropes instead

Finishing Nails

Cut an used to replace center anchor crane


Heat source in sprue pulling, staple heating


Crane boom secure straps, hole poking for drain openings, bell assembly on mast

Steel Wool

Use after sandpaper for fine finish on plastic (fine grade)

Paper Towels

Excess paint or glue absorption, brush dryer


Marking spots for drilling, gluing, cutting

Speaker Wire

Twisted to make anchor chain safety chains


Making notes, backing for flag decals


Unwanted marks off of the flat white areas

GMM Brass Tree Bulwark stanchions, door nameplates, decklamp reflective plates, leadsman straps, hull door decorative edges, compass tower poles, crow's nest poles, crane boom support legs
Spare GMM Railings Deck class dividers, flagstaff rope cleat, crane railings, lifeboat safety railings, funnel grating, center anchor catwalks/grate, tank room catwalk
Chrome Foil Tape Mirrored walls inside the Palm Court
Pulled Sprue (clear) Decklamps, cherub lamp on GSC railing, crane lamps, mast docking lamps, foremast lamp, semaphore Morse lamps
A/M Brass Sprue Tree Half globe nubs cut off for binnacle tops
Spare GMM Grab ropes Hatch tarp tiedowns
Sprue Tree (White) Mushroom vents, spar motors, vent ducts, bridge instruments, GSC Gibb vent, deck reels, deck duct vents (tank room and forecastle), The Box
Plastic Strips Evergreen H.O. 8104 W3 & 8106 W4 Kickstrips for railings, deck gutters, bridge roof framing, deckhouse panels, bulwark handrails, gate rail signage
BIC Pen Insert (or any plastic ball point ink cartridge)

#4 funnel interior pipe, life rings

Saran Wrap (or any plastic food wrap)

A-deck sunscreens, compass tower canvas, deck chair blankets, sounding spar motor canvas covers

Matches or Lighter

Candle lighter

Varsol Paint Thinner

Scrap Plastic Slabs

For glue work

Empty Testors Bottles

Mixing funnel color in

Brass Brad Compass Base

For compass tower

H.O. Railway Foliage

Plants for various rooms

Rag Thread Ivy

For trellises


Wrap around hull after painting to protect finish from scratches

Light Bulb Filament Springs

For corner of A-deck aft

Lightbulb Copperwire

Pipes, conduits

Aluminum/tin Foil

Backing for flag decals


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