The sounding spars were used for gauging water depth. There was one spar for either side of the Boat deck and were stowed behind the Emergency clipper boats. They were attached to the outboard side of the Boat deck's bulwark at the aft arm of the first davit unit. This is where the bulwark stops and the open area begins for the next three pair of full sized life boats.


Item 1 (making the spar).

To make the spars cut pulled sprue or microrod to about 27/28mm long.

Paint the spars flat white.

Item 2 (positioning).

Glue the aft end of the spar to the boat deck planking, sitting halfway between the second window forward of the expansion joint. Glue the forward end to the bulwark near the hand railing over the 5th window back from the bow end of the A deck weather cover. See diagrams below.

Item 3 (alternative spar position).

An alternative is to glue the spar in its operational position, at 90 degrees to the hull and pointing upward at a 45-50 degree angle. This can be seen in the background of the port side Cork Examiner photograph.

Item 4 (spar cable).

On the stern end of the spar is attached a cable. This can be seen in photos hanging down and draped over the A deck weather cover, laying underneath the Emergency boats towards the aft side of the wing cabs.

Cut appropriate lengths of 4lb. test Trilene fishing line. Use CA glue to attach it to the weather cover and spar .

Paint the cable a dark gray color.

Item 5 (making the spar motor).

According to a photo of the Olympic in 'Titanic At Two' there appears to be a canvas covered object inboard of the forward end of the spar. This is thought to be the spar's motor unit.

Make two motors from scrap plastic and a pulled spur microdot as seen below (one for each side of the ship). Place the motor just behind the stern end of the Boat Deck's collapsibles on the inboard side of the 1st davit's aft arm. Cover this with tiny squares of Saran Wrap and paint flat white to simulate the canvas covers.


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