This Tutorial is the result of the compilation of text, photographic source reference material and all the fine efforts from the persons and companies listed below:


Book Author
Titanic: Illustrated History Don Lynch & Ken Marschall
Discovery Of The Titanic Robert Ballard
Exploring The Titanic Robert Ballard
Titanic At Two Paul Quinn
Greatest Shipwrecks Of The 20th Century Thomas Bonsall
Scale Models Article R.L. Rimell
The Wreck of the RMS Titanic - Modeling Guide (website) Roy Mengot
Riddle Of The Titanic Robin Gardiner
Titanic: Destination Disaster John Eaton & Charles Haas
Screenshots from James Cameron's `Titanic'
Inside The Titanic Ken Marschall
Onboard The Titanic Shelley Tanaka
Last Days Of The Titanic E.E. O'Donnell
National Geographic December 1985 Robert Ballard
National Geographic December 1986 Robert Ballard
National Geographic October 1987 Robert Ballard
Titanic Leo Marriott
Anatomy Of The Titanic Tom McCluskie
Discovery/Legacy Susan Wels
A Night To Remember Walter Lord
The Night Lives On Walter Lord
Titanic: Triumph & Tragedy John Eaton & Charles Haas
Titanic Voices St.Martins Press 1997
Titanic & Her Sisters Tom McCluskie, Michael Sharpe & Leo Marriott
Paint Conversion Charts Gavin C. Stratford
Encyclopedia Titanica (website) Phil Hind
"R . M . S . T I T A N I C" - How to Build the Titanic Correctly Jacob Groby III

If you had to get only ONE book we recommend:

Titanic and Her Sisters Olympic and Britannic
by Tom McCluskie, Michael Sharpe & Leo Marriott
PRC Publishing Ltd.
ISBN 0 68107 612 7


Name Product
Entex, Academy & Minicraft Making a great 1/350 Titanic model and for the retooled Academy 1/400 and Minicraft 1/350.
HobbyWorld Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mail order shipping of Academy/Minicraft 1/350 Titanic model and GMM supplies.

Hobby Central Burlington, Ontario, Canada Stocking the Academy/Minicraft 1/350 and Academy 1/400 Titanic models.
Meijer Michigan chain store, United States, Stocking the 1/350 Academy/Minicraft Titanic model.
Gold Medal Models Photoetched brass railing kits, passengers, lifeboats & skylights
Tom's Modelworks Photoetched brass railings


The 1/570 Titanic model

Kristal Klear Liquid

`Glass' for model windows


Paint, putty, glue




Sheet Plastic, microrods & plastic strips


Hobby knife and accessories


Modeling tool and accessories

Crazy Glue

Glue for photoetched brass parts

Duane Fowler's Decals

Titanic, Olympic and Britannic decals in assorted scales

Bruce Beveridge Decals

1/570 Titanic decals, Titanic Window and decking decals


Special thanks to:

Sean Winterberg: for making the Official Titanic Model Page website and providing a platform for which to gain and share valuable information towards this fine hobby. If you have received this guide by any other source other than Sean's site, check his web page at for the latest updates to this Tutorial.

Bruce Beveridge: for information on the following; Aft Well Deck #5 Hatch doors, forward Well Deck Lamp Room door, forecastle hatch area hydrant, #2 funnel cowl, GSC skylight aft curved duct, spar motor, storage trunks by starboard bridge bulwark, #4 funnel vent motors, service hatches, vent on tank room aft, duct on GSC skylight port side, rotated Marconi skylight housing, painter line information, A-deck aft vent motor placement, tarp railing confirmation, plug verification, funnel platforms, A-deck forward leadsman storage bins. Also for debates, diagrams, and photos, the 1/570 Titanic decal set and 1/350 Deck and Window decals, bridge instrument data, GSC starboard vent, #4 funnel deckhouse layout, Phonebox, skylight cover update, working with Robert Hahn to produce a high quality set of Titanic CAD plans.

Duane Fowler: for the great 1/350 Titanic boat decals and those of her sister ships, usage of his textual data for our SIGNAGE segment, debates and information sharing.

Bob Read: for Vent Inventory collaboration, docking bridge info and #3 deckhouse aft details, photos, debates, scratchbuilding plans, display case information, checklist validation, nomenclature.

Loren Perry: for great GMM products, service and prompt replies, and use of product excerpt descriptions.

Roy Mengot: for his modeling guide, debates, info on the 3 portholes on raised Smoke room aft bulkhead, A-deck bulkhead layouts. Visit Roy's informative site at:

Russell Wild: for creating websites for the Sister Ships, Olympic and Britannic, allowing use of the decal photos, checklist validation.

Doug May: display case information, ship model website info

Phil Chumlea: for sending out the Scale Model article.

Ken Kroes: for sending out the fiber optic material.

Scott Andrews: for answering inquires with helpful information.

Ray Lepien: for sharing info and answering inquiries.

Ken Marschall: for taking the time from his busy schedule to answer the website's questions.

Art Trendle: for working on the production of the new 1/350 Minicraft model, recognizing Sean's site and contributing to the same for the benefit of all
Titanic modelers.

Mark Darrah: for answering questions, sharing references.

Robert Hahn: for scratchbuilding CAD plans which are second to none.

Joe Oliveira: fiber optic methodology

Bill Walden: propeller replacement parts

Paul Sylvah: photography of Mike Pell's 1:350 Titanic, loaning of lenses and photographic equipment

Jason Koszurek: scanning photos

Everyone: for any and all we had the pleasure to talk Titanic with and make new friends around the world.

And last but not least our co-project members...

David Cotgreave: for sending out the Kristal Klear from Australia, helping to produce the Official Titanic Scale Model Page Tutorial, A-deck window alterations article and diagrams, and reediting of Tutorial diagrams by other authors.

Dan Cherry: for sharing modeling ideas, being a great constructive critic, an indispensable help in producing the Tutorial with articles, photos and
scans. Also sharing his artwork and several great diagrams. Keeping us going when things were becoming challenging, Tutorial website intro.

Brett Anthony: For being kind enough to proof read the material, offer constructive criticism and providing the proper nomenclature for ship structures, intro comments, glossary arrangement.


Russ Wild's website:

The Britannic Home Page address: Due to the change in NBCi services thissite is temporarily unavailable.

Phil Hind's website:

Encyclopedia Titanica address:

Roy Mengot's website:

The Wreck Of The RMS Titanic:

Joe Oliveira's website:

Fiber Optics:


The Official Titanic Scale Model Tutorial was constructed using the following equipment and software:

Amiga 2500

IBM 386dx/40
IBM Pentium III/500
UMAX Astra Colour Scanner

Macintosh G3 300

Microsoft Word
Deluxe Paint IV (Amiga)
Windows Paint (IBM)
TextEngine V5.01 (Amiga)
GDS graphics convertor (IBM)
GfxCon v1.7 (Amiga)
Photoshop (IBM)
Photoshop 4.0 (Mac)
MiniCAD 7.0.3 (Mac)

Photography of Mike's 1:350 Academy/Minicraft Titanic:

Canon AE1 35mm SLR
ASA 100 Kodak 35mm film (36 exposures)
50mm lens
1x magnifier
2x magnifier
3x magnifier

Photography of Dan Cherry's 1:350 Academy/Minicraft parts:

UMAX Astra Colour scanner

Creation of this web site:

Dreamweaver 2.0 (Mac)


These are the diagram credits for the orginal drawings that were 'sliced' up to create this web site.

Mike & Steve Pell

Anchors, benches, bits, bollards, Boat deck, bow, bridge, bulkhead, compass, conduit, cranes1, cranes2, decklamp, docking, doors, fairlead, funnel, GSC, hatches, hull, hydrant, ladders, lifeboat, masts, mats, misc, pipes, poopdeck, portholes, rigging, signs, skylight, skylight2, Smith, spars, stern, SteveArt, TankRoom, valves, whistles, wingcab

Dan Cherry

3rdclass, BD_A_GSC, Binnacle, Bridge2, Danart1, Danart2, Danart3, Danart4, focsle, GSCdome, GSCstair, GSCtile, gym, Intrior1, Intrior2, Palmcrt1, Phonebox, Roofribs

David Cotgreave

For_B-DK, Layout, Mushroom, OffQuart, Window1, Window2, Window3, Window4, Window5, Window6, Window7, Window8, Window9, Winstyle

Bruce Beveridge

Painter plus assorted decal photographs.

Duane Fowler

Assorted decal photographs


This site was created by David Cotgreave January 2000