Type: Stokehold.
Fan Size: NA.
Location: centre forward of No. 2 funnel on deckhouse roof.
Instruction Step: 15.
Part No: H23B.
Bob Read Vent Number: 23.
  • See Ken Marshall's painting of the wreck on page 207 of Titanic An Illustrated History.

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Photo of Webmaster's model in progress.


The grill layout requires attention because most of the first port side section was filled in (see opposite).

Use your preferred method of modification from the Trunk Vent section of the Vents Overview and place a small sheet of plastic in the location shown opposite.

This is unnecessary if you are using Tom's new Misc. set.

Bob Read mentions that the kit's vent is too narrow and needs to be lengthened to match the width of the GSC skylight cover. You can fashion this extension from sheet plastic. If you extend the width of the part you will not be able to install Tom's Modelworks vent grill.

This vent and vents 16 & 18 need to be moved further aft. As described by Roy Mengot in his guide the model places these structures over the Grand Staircase foyer. Their front ends actually lined up with the aft bulkhead of the GSC foyer.

To accomplish this you need to move the molding for the vent and funnel further aft.

Draw a reference line using the aft wall of the GSC as a guide (i.e. where the Deckhouse roof turns inboard at the aft of the 1st class foyer). Measure the distance from reference line to the forward end of the hole in the Deckhouse roof. Use this length to draw a line from the aft corners of the hole and join the two points together. You should now have a box drawn on the aft end of the hole in the Deck that is the same size as the open area in front of the reference line.

Now carefully cut out the area aft of the hole and fill the forward area using a small piece of sheet plastic and putty. Scribe the Deck planking to repair the damaged area and paint the centre of the Deck.

The funnel also needs to be moved aft slightly to fit all of the vents and grates in place. Carefully cut off the forward 'C' shape molded on the Deck.

Skylight Duct

On the aft end of the skylight cover between the two portholes was a right angled duct. This followed down the back of the skylight cover to the Deck and then over to the base of the box trunk vent in front of No. 2 funnel. Construct this from plastic stock sand into a rectangular shape. See SKYLIGHT section for details.

Thanks to Bruce Beveridge for supplying us with this information for the forward No. 2 funnel vent layouts.

Note: All instruction step numbers in () denote the instruction step for the rereleased Mincraft model.
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