Every now and again I received requests for lost instructions. If you'd like original copies of your instructions please contact Minicraft at:

Minicraft Models, Inc.
921 North State Street
Elgin, IL 60123


If you need something now you can use the scans below.. I've deliberately scanned them at 100 dpi to get a little extra detail so the files are quite large. If you intend to print them off they can only be printed on an A3 printer at this size.

These documents are presented here as reference material the copyright remains with Minicraft, GMM and Tom's Modelworks respectively and my not be reproduced other than for use at home.



Minicraft 1:350 RMS Titanic Model
Pre 99

Minicraft 1:350 RMS Titanic Model
1999 re-release instuctions

 Loren Perry's GMM Merchant Marine Set
(Page 1)

Loren Perry's GMM Merchant Marine Set (Page 2) 
Loren Perry's GMM Gold Plus Set Loren Perry's GMM Davit Set

Tom's Modelworks RMS Titanic Detail Set
(Page 1)

Tom's Modelworks RMS Titanic Details Set
(Page 2)

Tom's Modelworks Bench Set  

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