The following list contains tools that were used at one stage or another during the assembly of the model but are not essential.

Tool Purpose
Cordless Hand Drill Drilling portholes, deck mounting holes, preliminary holes for windows to be added, vents, decklamps, hawse holes


Trimming sheet plastic, cutting decals, thread for deck ropes

Scroll Saw

Cutting out the Grand Staircase's stairwells, removing needless sections of the `B' deck structure


Holding parts for gluing, painting

Small Pliers

Holding larger parts, pinching sprue ends flat, bending plastic

Xacto Hobby Knife Cutting sheet plastic, holding very small pieces for gluing, scoring lines, cutting out brass etchings from `tree', scraping/planing sprue, cleaning up flash on parts and windows, opening up holes, trimming masking tape, cutting small sprue rods for parts, removing parts from `tree'
"C" Clamps Holding the decks together after gluing holding weather covers on to the superstructure after gluing
Elastic Bands Aid "C" clamps in deck gluing
Toothpicks (flat style) Mixing bottle paint, applying Kristal Klear, applying small dabs of glue
Weights (5 pound or less) Assisting "C" clamps for deck gluing
Small Flat File Power filing larger plastic parts
Small Round File Shaping small plastic parts, cleaning up seams
Sanding Block Power Sanding plastic parts for shaping or glue preparation
Push Pin Opening up holes where needed
Hot Air Gun Tighten up fishing line rigging once glued to the model
0.63mm Drill Bit Drilling deck mounting holes, small port holes, vents, decklamps, superstructure drain holes, hawse holes
0.78mm Drill Bit Hawse holes, hollowing out crow's nest, making windows, creating `plants', larger portholes
Nail Clippers Trimming tag ends from fishing line rigging
Ruler in Millimeters Measuring scratchbuilt part lengths, measuring part placement areas, act as a straight edge for trimming sheet plastic, masking tape, etc.
Glusquito! Pin point precision gluing tool, see the MISCELLANEOUS section on how to manufacture one

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