Brand Name
Testors 1241 Natural Wood *
Deck color, officer's deckhouse roof, lounge roof, docking bridge floor, compass tower floor, bridge roof, hatch plate, davit deck `rails', 2nd class entrance roof, smoke room roof
Testors 1204 Red **
Lower hull and rudder
Testors 1949 Flat Black
Main hull and rudder
Testors 1959 Semi-Gloss Clear
Model paint sealer
Testors 1258 Flat White
Upper hull/deckhouses, skylight covers, deck railings, lifeboat railings, lifeboats, hatch covers
  • Note: Some modelers prefer to paint individual planking various shades of wood browns which can lead to a nice effect. The one listed above is a general shade for those that wish to spray it using just one color You can substitute this for the wood tone of your choice.
  • Note: There are better choices out there for the red hull color if you can locate them in your area, however the one listed does match somewhat the one seen in the Ken Marschall painting of the Titanic's port profile in Inside The Titanic.


Brand Name
Testors 1164 Mat O.D.Green
Starboard wing cab running light, (optional) interior plants
Testors 1182 Brass
Whistles, capstans, door knobs, designer plaque, windlasses, Morse lamps, foremast signal lamp cover, triple screw propellers, phone box covers, binnacle top
Testors 1149 Flat Black
Bollards, main stays, fairlead rollers, funnel tops, pulleys, door plates, all anchors, winches, tile markings, valves, motors, deck conduits, tank room plate supports, Marconi wire sections, turnbuckles, tiedowns, crane wiring, crane railing tops, splashguard stanchions, capstans, belaying bitts, anchor chains, anchor safety loops, cleats, windlasses, drain holes, bench legs, hull discharge, curl vent recess highlights
Testors 1166 Mat Military Brown
Deck ropes, door mats, expansion joints, leadsman platforms
Testors 1163 Mat Battle Gray
Vent openings, crane platform tops, A deck open promenade cable, rigging, Grand Staircase Skylight vents, ladders, officer's deckhouse window clips, Marconi wires, flagstaff line
Testors 1168 Flat Arctic White
Vents, davits, reel covers, cranes, hatch tiedown straps, crane leg supports, telephone box support, telegraphs, conduits, pipes, crew skylight, boat deck dividers, center anchor well, center anchor crane, prow, #1 hatch cover, crow's nest, splashguard, mushroom vent tops, stair railings, stairwell covers, roof trim, small hatch on forecastle, funnel safety rails, signage plates, upper well deck walls, stay plates in forward well deck, docking bridge trim, docking bridge supports, lifeboat tie downs, compass tower legs, compass tower, sunscreen, the `box' by 2nd class entrance, pads on deck chairs, A-deck roof supports, furniture, clothes on people, A-deck brackets, White Star Buff formula
Testors 1103 Red
White Star Buff formula, Grand Staircase furniture
Testors 1133 Dark Brown
Most handrails, window frames, bench seat slats, sextant pedestals, officer's deckhouse skylights, stairs, lifeboat
Testors 1111 Blue
Crew's uniforms
Testors 1124 Green
(Optional) plants for interior detail
Testors 1108 Light Blue
Clothing for passengers
Testors 1134 Purple
Clothing for passengers
Model Master FS13538 Yellow
Hull stripe, White Star Buff formula, floor heater grills
Model Master Wood
Masts, foremast vent, Grand Staircase interior wood, crow's nest supports, flagstaff, derrick, White Star Buff formula
Model Master 34079 Dark Green
Boat deck winches
Model Master 31136 Insignia Red
Port wing cab running light, hydrant plugs
Model Master Primer Gray
People base color, funnel grating
Model Master Leather
Deck chairs, trunks
Model Master 33613 Radome Tan
Lifeboat canvas covers, A-deck sunshades, compass tower canvas
Humbrol 100 Red/Brown Primer
Lower well deck walls, hull anchor recesses, #1 hatch base, lower crane bases, well deck hatch bases, raised roof
boat deck gutters
Humbrol Mat Light Gray
Funnel base plating, tank room roof, elevator room roof, wing cab roof, vent deck bases, prow grate and `catwalks', people, davit detail


There are a few formulas out there to make the White Star Buff . They are:

Marschall General Version 1.

25 parts white
2 parts natural wood
11 parts yellow
1 part red


Marschall General Version 2.

1 part Tan or Natural Wood (1241 or 1141)
11 drops Yellow
1 drop Red
27 drops Gloss White (1145)

Testors version.

7 drops 1145 White
3 drops 1170 Light Tan
1 drop 1167 Tan
1 drop 1114 Yellow
3 drops 1166 brown

Ken Marschall's Pantone single paint option.

729C with a hair of flat yellow.

David Cotgreave's formula.

I've also been asked to provide the formula that I used.

1 drop Modelmasters Radome Tan
1 drop Modelmasters Wood.
8 drops Modelmasters Chrome Yellow
3 drops Humbrol 69 yellow (gloss)
1 small drop Modelmasters Insignia Red (be careful with the red as this is what turns the mix orange.
27 drops Humbrol Flat White

Use an empty bottle of Testors paint thinner to mix in. Apply the ratios supplied in the manual to the markings on a glass syringe and draw out the proper amounts of paint. Clean out the syringe between colors by drawing in and flushing out several applications of varsol or paint thinner.

If the formula calls for 1 drop of red, equate this to the 10 marking on the syringe, put the tip into the bottle of Testors Red and draw the paint up until it reaches the 10 mark. Then if you need 2 drops wood, this equals 20 on the syringe, 5 equals 50, etc. Once all the colors are measured into the empty thinner bottle stir it up until the pigment is even throughout the bottle. We mixed up enough to fill about 1/3 of a small Testor's paint bottle with the White Buff color which was more than enough.

Test your mixture by painting a couple of coats on a piece of sheet plastic and place it next to the funnels on Ken Marschall's paintings. Then add a little white and yellow and repeat the process.Take a couple of things into account when doing this; the light on the and shade on the painting play tricks with the colour, the shade is too dark and the full light is too light, so use the colour just aft of the brightest area, and use his later paintings as a reference.

Used a W I D E brush to apply it to the funnels in a uniform fashion and smaller brushes for work around the pipes, ladders, etc. For best results beg, borrow or steal and airbrush if you can.


See MISC section for information on painting the GMM photoetched people.

Paint Product Availability:
Not all name product paints are available in all locations around the world. To assist you with paint matching you will find handy conversion charts listed in the PART 49 of this Tutorial.

Humbrol paints -are- distributed in the U.S., but not all hobby shops carry them. Call around.


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