The model includes the main hawseholes by the fore and aft ends of the well deck and the one on the bow, however, there are a few that need to be added.



If you look at the bow end of the hull below the prow you will find a featureless 'flare'. This is the hawse for the forward anchor chain.

Add more depth to this flare by creating a depression in the center using a variable speed drill (or pin vise) and a bit slightly smaller in diameter than the hawse flare. With the drill speed set to low drill out the face of the hawse. Do not go right through but just create a depression in the face. This may require only a few revolutions of the bit.

Next you need to give the hawes a more concave shape. Change the bit to one about half of the diameter you just used and then place the tip into the depression and drill upwards towards the forward anchor well (or at least where it will eventually be).

The finished product should look like an angled hole and give the hawse a more three dimensional appearance.



A haweshole needs to be added just forward of the D deck first class entrances (where Rose enters the ship on in James Cameron's Titanic) on either side of the ship. A good photo of the starboard hawse being used can be seen on page 42 of Don Lynch's Illustrated History. The port hawse can be seen in use on page 38 of the same book in the classic `Countess' photo.

Mark the hull in this section with a pencil and then drill the hole out with the same bit you used for the tiny portholes on C deck (see PORTHOLES section).



Add four missing hawses around the stern area, two to port and two to starboard.

Counting back from the aft well deck:

The forward hawse sits just ahead of the 12th porthole in the 7 o'clock position below it.

The aft hawse is just ahead of the 14th porthole and it sits at the 6:30 position and closer to the stern knuckle than the forward one.

Mark these two locations on your hull with a pencil and repeat on the other side. Then drill them out using the same bit you used for drilling out the portholes along the white painted section of the poop deck.

A good reference to use for their location is the page 22 photo of the Olympic (opposite) and page 23 photo of the Titanic in Don Lynch's Illustrated History of each ship exiting the slips to see these hawses in use, check out the Titanic sea trial photos that have the tugs behind Titanic's stern such as the two page spread on pages 26-27 of Illustrated History.

Behind these hawse holes bollards were found nearby under the poop deck as seen on deck plans on page 92 of Tom McCluskie's Anatomy Of The Titanic.


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