Step 1 (painting the floor).

Paint the track rugs onto the deck using a mid-green paint (Dan Cherry).

Step 2 (making the trellises).

Take the A/M tank room covers (if you have bought the GMM version) and glue them to the walls. For the trellises under the bay window use sections of A/M railings trimmed up so the glue rail and stubby posts fit under the window and to match the curve.

These were then painted flat white.

Three alternative methods are:

Using Bruce Beveridge's decal sheet that contains the Cafe Parisien.

Use a fine mesh net painted white and glued to the walls (Dan Cherry's suggestion).

Buy photo etched parts for car models that have a grill with the appropriate pattern.

Step 3 (making the cupboard hutch on the bow end).

Take a panel of 3 bar A/M railing (3 rails + 1 gluing rail) and trim off the gluing rail between the posts. The upper 3 rails will act as the hutch's shelves. Cut a piece of sheet plastic to the dimensions of the panel from side to side and from top to the bottom of the last rail, so the bottom posts represented the legs. Glue to the back of the rails and the sheet plastic will enclose the shelves.

Paint the whole unit Model Master Wood and glue into position on the bow end of the Cafe.

Step 4 (making furniture).

See the PRIVATE PROMENADE section (Step 3) for the construction of chairs and round tables. See PALM COURT section (Step 7) for a simple way to make the square tables. For more historical accuracy you could attempt to glue pulled sprue legs to the corners of a piece of square sheet plastic.

Refer to above photo graph for layout.

Paint all furniture a white/tan color to simulate wicker.

Step 5 (making plants).

See the PRIVATE PROMENADE section (Step 4) for plant making and PALM COURT (Step 6) for the ivy.

Step 6 (adding acetate windows).

Add five arched windows forward of the open double doors seen above. See WINDOWS section.

Step 7 (adding doors).

See the DOORS segment under Cafe Parisien.

UPDATE. Here are two photos of Dan Cherry's Cafe Parisien.


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