Step 1 (painting the walls).

Paint the interior walls flat brown.

Step 2 (painting the floor).

Painted the floor a gloss wood color. I opted for gloss rather than flat paint because it thickens up and, when stippled, creates a variation of thick and thin creating a pattern and variety when looking through the windows. Not entirely accurate since gloss would reflect tile over carpeting, it's a slight liberty. I didn't like the effect I got from flat colors.

Step 3 (furniture).

If you want to fully furnish the room look at the plans in either the 'Last Days of Titanic' or the Wels 'Legacy' book.

See the PRIVATE PROMENADE section (Step 3) for the construction of chairs and round tables. See PALM COURT section (Step 7) for a simple way to make the square tables. For more historical accuracy you could attempt to glue pulled sprue legs to the corners of a piece of square sheet plastic. Paint green.

If you want to save your benches for other things just place chairs/tables near the windows. This is the only detail that will really be seen.


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