Step 1 (painting the floor and the walls).

Paint the floor flat olive green and the walls rust brown.

Step 2 (painting the windows).

Paint the stained glass windows a featureless, flat light yellow.

Since the windows don't show as much as detail, I didn't add too much to this room.

Step 3 (the fireplace).

Glue a white number tab to the aft wall to simulate a fireplace and paint a light blue square above it to represent the painting.

Step 4 (furnishing the room).

See the PRIVATE PROMENADE section (Step 3) for the construction of chairs and round tables. See PALM COURT section (Step 7) for a simple way to make the square tables. For more historical accuracy you could attempt to glue pulled sprue legs to the corners of a piece of square sheet plastic. Paint green.

  • Note: I only applied the furniture closest to the windows, which are semi-clear acetate. The colors are only applied to this interior because you can see through the revolving door from the palm court.
If you want to fully furnish the room look at the plans in either the 'Last Days of Titanic' or the Wels 'Legacy' book.

Step 5 (replace the forward wall).

Use sheet plastic to add the missing wall on the fore end of the room. Glue this to the forward end of the boiler casing molded into the deck.


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