This steerage public room, as seen in the James Cameron Titanic movie, was the gathering place of the 3rd class for mingling and dancing and sat underneath the forward well deck.

To recreate this room for your model, start by cutting away the little 'pits' to hatches #2 & #3. Sand the edges so they're clean. Take Evergreen M-2 strips and line the bottom inside edge of the hatch openings, allowing a .5 mm to jut out into the hatch opening.

On the port and std. sides of the hatch walls, there appear to be three hatch support bars. Fabricate out of pulled sprue or use 3 pieces of GMM railing from unused Lusitania sections.

Make the floor out of sheet plastic. The floor color is uncertain. If it's like the other 3rd public rooms, they were alternating black and white pattern tiles. If you don't wish to recreate the pattern on a desktop publishing system, paint the floor flat gray. .

For the support beams from the ceiling to the floor, use pulled sprue. Refer to Cameron's "Titanic" for the steerage party room scenes. There's 3 on each side of the hatch opening. Fabricate a hatch at the same dimensions as the opening above, same height off the floor as the hatch above deck. Use Evergreen M-2 strips to represent the planked hatch cover (the one that Jack and Rose dance on) painted wood color.

Glue the finished floor to the posts

Use the A/M kit benches to use for the long benches and furniture, all painted flat brown. If you wish, add GMM people and have your own steerage party!



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