While the model does a fair job of providing the ladders found around the deckhouses and deck levels it has missed a few that the Titanic had.


The following methods can be used for replacing the ladders molded into the kit, add missing ladders or move existing ladders. All of the ladders were painted gray.


Method 1 (painting).

With a fine brush, gray. paint and a steady hand, paint a ladder directly on the wall. This is not an easy task.

Method 2 (sprue and paint).

Glue two minute pulled sprue poles on the wall the width of the ladder apart (about 1mm). Paint gray. after the glue has set. Then with the tip of a fine brush paint small lines from one pole over to the other to represent the rungs.

Method 3 (plastic strips).

Use Evergreen strips. Tape the strips to a sheet of paper. Apply gray. paint along the outside edges of the strips to represent the ladder's poles, then as in suggestion B, use the tip of a fine brush and paint gray. rungs across the strip from one pole to the other. When dry, measure, cut, and glue the plastic strip ladder to its location on the deckhouse.

Method 4 (GMM ladders).

We recommend that you purchase the GMM merchant kit which has ladders included. This will give you the best result at scale.

Once you have used all of the Titanic ladders use the spare Lusitania ladders and ratlines to manufacture the extra ladders you will need.


As with other sections we'll do a walking tour from the forecastle to the stern covering what may need to be altered or added. You can click on the numbers on the diagram below to move to that ladder.

Ladder No.

On the starboard side of the mast between the top of the ratline and just above the top of the mast light was an access ladder.

Method 1

Use the ladder provided in Tom's Modelworks misc set.

Method 2

Make this by cutting a 23mm section off of the top of the unused Lusitania GMM ratlines, paint this dark gray. and then glue on to the mast with CA glue.

2 & 3
Foreword Well Deck

The stairs flanking either side of #2 hatch were removable for cargo loading. The crew still required access to the forecastle so there were two small ladders fastened to the wall underneath the regular stairways.

Construct these from tiny sections of Lusitania GMM ratlines, paint and glue them to the well deck bulkhead. This should be done after the bulkheads have been painted their split white/rust red colors.

4 & 5
Forward Well Deck Cranes

The ladders molded on the kit's cranes are accurate. After you have painted the crane bases the paint the ladders gray.

We opted to use the GMM ladders. Paint and cut to length, then glue them over the top of the molded ladders to give the ladder a more 3rd dimensional effect. Worth the effort, but if you are short on GMM ladders we recommend that you do ALL the deckhouse ladders first, and if you have enough left over THEN do the crane bases.

Bridge Port

This ladder is in the correct location. Paint them as they are,or overlay the GMM ladders.

Bridge Starboard

The ladder molded onto the starboard forward wall of the of the officer's deckhouse is incorrect. The ladder sits inboard of the window on the model where it should sit outboard of the window towards the corner. Refer to Ken Marschall painting on page 44 of Robert Ballard's `Exploring the Titanic'.

To rectify this sand off the molded ladder and paint the deckhouse wall white. Next measure a spare GMM ladder on the merchant photoetch brass kit, paint, cut and glue the new ladder into its new location. You can also use one of the suggestions in the MAKING LADDERS section at the beginning of this segment.

Grand Staircase Foyer (Port) A ladder needs to be ADDED to port side of grand Staircase foyer where it turns in to join with the Officer's deckhouse (behind the winch). See diagram.
Grand Staircase Foyer (Starboard) The door leading in to the Grand Staircase foyer from the boat deck is protected by two partitioned bulwarks. One on either side of the door. On the forward facing bulwark, add a ladder rising from the deck planking up to to the roof canopy over the door.
#2 Funnel

The ladder on the port wall under #2 Funnel is incorrect. The ladder ends on the top of the raised roof of the Reading/Writing room and not on the Boat Deck planking as shown in the kit.

You will either need to sand off the existing ladder and manufactured a new one 2mm farther aft or extend the raised roof forward by 2mm. We opted for extending the roof using sheet plastic and plastic strips. What is *important* is to have this ladder terminate on the raised roof.

Gym aft The ladder on the aft wall of the Gym facing the stern inboard of the window is corrects. Paint them as they are,or overlay the GMM ladders.
12 & 13
Tank Room The two ladders on the aft wall of the Tank Room are molded correctly. Paint them as they are,or overlay the GMM ladders.
14 & 15
#4 Funnel

On the forward port and starboard sides of the #4 funnel deckhouse are small alcove-like bulkheads located at the front end of the raised Smoke Room. There should be a small ladder that runs up the face of these small walls, one on either side.

#4 Funnel

Two options for this ladder:

Option 1:

This ladder is in the correct location. Paint it as it is or overlay the GMM ladders.

Option 2:

Roy Mengot suggests that this ladder needs to be moved to starboard to allow for the deck bench. Modeler's choice. Remove ladder and install a new one using your preferred method. Modeler's choice.

Elevator housing. On the bow bulkhead of the elevator room add a ladder rising from the roof of the 2nd class entrance to the roof of the elevator room. This sat to starboard and outboard of the door (which also needs to be added - see the DOORS segment).
18 & 19
2nd class entrance

The port and starboard doors leading into the 2nd class entrance from the boat deck are protected by two partitioned bulwarks. One on either side of the door. Add ladders to both of the forward facing bulwarks, rising from the deck planking up to to the roof canopy over the door.

See diagram for LADDER 9.
20 & 21
A Deck Prom Cranes See Forward Well Deck
22 & 23
A Deck Prom

Along the aft end of A-deck by the Palm Court you will see that the Boat Deck overhangs the bulkhead walls. This is held up by supporting poles and framework joists. There are four posts along this length from the A-deck planking to the underside of the Boat Deck overhang.

Use two GMM ladders and place one on each side of the overhang. These ladders sit just INBOARD of each outer post and appear to be painted black.

Aft mast

A ladder needs to be added up the face of the aft mast from the A-deck planking to just past the P & S facing docking lamps.

Method 1

Use the mast ladder provided in Tom's misc set.

Method 2

Cut a 48mm long piece of GMM or Tom's Modelworks brass ladder.

Using either method paint the ladder dark gray. Glue it on to the bow facing side of the mast. You may need to cut the lower section of this ladder to fit under the conduit from the A-deck/Boat deck bulwark (if you have elected to add this piece to your model). Apply CA glue sparingly to the rungs of the ladder, sit it up against the mast and allow to set. This ladder sits so its top is 1/2mm above the docking lamps.

25 & 26
B deck toilets

At the stern ends of the #4 hatches you will see two ladders molded along the aft facing of the bar/lavatory cubicles. These ladders are in the correct location.

Once the deckhouse has been painted paint them as they are,or overlay the GMM ladders.

27 & 28
Aft Well Deck Cranes See Forward Well Deck
29 & 30
Poop Deck Cranes See Forward Well Deck


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