There are a series of valves throughout the forecastle and stern areas that need to be added to the 1/350 model.



Refer to the VALVES diagram for their location

No. of Valves Valve Type Location
Braking valves One on either outboard side of the anchor chain tracks where the chains drop down through the deck floor.
Braking valves

In front of the #1 cargo hatch beside the small gear boxes (also to be added).

Steam valves In front of #1 cargo hatch. These sat in a straight line, running from just in front of the starboard gear boxes/braking valves to just in front of the port boxes/braking valves.


No. of Valves Valve Type Location
Steam valves

On the Titanic's poop deck. One pair underneath the control area of the docking bridge and one pair aft of the docking bridge where the benches were.

  • Note: the portside valve of each pair was set slightly forward of the starboard valve.
  • Note: A word of caution, place four GMM benches on the Poop Deck underneath the Docking Bridge FIRST and then mark out where you want to place the 4 steam valves on deck.


Make the braking and steam valves out of small common pins.

Pre-drill small holes into the deck where the valves are to sit using a drill bit to the same diameter as the pin.

Measure a distance of approx. 3mm from the pin head and make a mark.

Use a pair of wire cutters to trim the pins a few millimeters below this mark.

Add a dab of CA glue to the end of the pin and then place it into a pre-drilled hole. Push into the deck until you reach the 4mm mark and hold with tweezers until the glue set.

Repeat this for all of the pins, ensuring that all of the pin heads are level with each other.

When dry, paint all valves flat black.


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