This is just a brief segment to discuss a couple of techniques to dress up the windlasses a bit so they look better than what the model kit provides.

Parts required:

No. Req. Part
A/M liferings
pulled sprue microdots
jewelers watch gears


As the windlass tops are plain on the 1/350 model we added some spare parts to make them look a bit more `mechanical'.

Method 1

Install the new Tom's Modelworks photo etched part. Highly recommended.

A tip for assembling these parts is to thread them onto a piece of wire to ensure that the centres line up. Then remove from the wire when set and glue onto parts G17.

Method 2

Remove two liferings from the A/M parts tree and glue one on top of each windlass unit. Cut two small 1mm long pips from a section of 0.5mm diameter pulled sprue. Glue inside the lifering. When set, paint the windlass top a brass color.

Method 3

Dan Cherry suggests using small gears out of a broken watch just slightly less in diameter than the top of the model's windlass. We recommend using this approach if these types of parts are available to you.

Just find two gears that match and attach with a CA glue. Paint these brass unless they are mad out of brass already.



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