Date Update Link
03/04/02 All vent pages now have vent diagrams and a reference. VENTS
29/09/01 All vent pages have new details including, model photo for each vent, a reference for Bob Read's vent number & other general information. VENTS
29/09/01 All available formulas for White Star Buff added to paint section. PAINT
29/09/01 Photos of Dan Cherry's interiors added to Grandstaircase section. GRAND STAIRCASE
29/09/01 Photos of Dan Cherry's interiors added to Palm Court section. PALM COURT
29/09/01 Photos of Dan Cherry's interiors added to Gym section. GYM
29/09/01 Photos of Dan Cherry's interiors added to Cafe Parisien section. CAFE PARISIEN
29/09/01 Photos of Dan Cherry's interiors added to Officer's Quarters section. OFFICER'S QUARTERS
12/07/01 New mystery objects found above no4 cargo hatches thanks to Dan Cherry. MISCELLANEOUS
12/07/01 Vent navigation diagrams have been updated and replaced. Vent diagrams to follow shortly. VENTS
31/05/01 The vent diagrams have been taken off line for the time being but will return shortly.  
17/05/01 Bench section updated BENCHES
15/04/01 New photos added to the Model in Progress section. MODEL IN PROGRESS
15/03/01 No3 Funnel aft pipe configuration added. PIPES
15/03/01 No 4 Funnel deck house conduits added. CONDUITS
13/03/01 New photos added to the Model in Progress section. MODEL IN PROGRESS
09/03/01 The base of the funnel ladders started at 90 degrees. FUNNELS
08/03/01 Funnel 4 deckhouse roof vent photos updated in the January 2001 section. MODEL IN PROGRESS
02/03/01 Funnel grate diagram updated to add forward notch. FUNNELS
02/03/01 Small modification to vent 42 added. VENT 42
13/02/01 Grate for B Deck Galley added to No4 funnel deck house roof. MISCELLANEOUS
13/02/01 MISC section trimmed down with a checklist and internal navigator added. Some items have been moved to more relevant sections of the tutorial. Pages that MISC section information has been moved to are: Anchors, Bridge, Doors, Lifeboats, Rigging, Model Tips, Misc and Wing Cabs. MISCELLANEOUS

New ducting for No 4 funnel deckhouse roof added to vent 45.

04/02/01 Postion of Docking Bridge support pole next to Poop Deck skylights corrected. SKYLIGHTS & DOCKING BRIDGE
04/02/01 How to improve your electric winches. See MISC section for details. MISCELLANEOUS
04/02/01 Position of aft group of benches corrected on the Poop Deck BENCHES
03/02/01 Vents section added to Model in Progress January 2001 page. MODEL IN PROGRESS
02/02/01 Method of building tank starboard/aft of No1 funnel added. MISCELLANEOUS
02/02/01 Wooden floor rail added. DOCKING BRIDGE
02/02/01 Wooden mat for ship's wheel added. DOCKING BRIDGE
02/02/01 Wooden (switch) board added to forward Docking Bridge rail. DOCKING BRIDGE
01/02/01 How did we miss this one? Method for building tank on starboard/aft side of No 1 funnel added to MISC section. MISCELLANEOUS
25/01/01 Crane section overhauled to include new information on the bases of the cranes and new Aft Well Deck crane base methodology CRANES
25/01/01 Model in progress photos updated MODEL IN PROGRESS
08/01/01 Underside of crane booms colour scheme added. CRANES
08/01/01 Colour scheme for illuminated signs added. SIGNS
08/01/01 Door hooks on 2nd Class Boat Deck entrance added. MISCELLANEOUS
08/01/01 Docking Bridge telegraph colour scheme added DOCKING BRIDGE
08/01/01 Grommets on A Deck promenade roof added. A DECK PROMENADE
08/01/01 Open aft of A deck Promenade poles added. MISCELLANEOUS
05/12/00 The methodology for the Vent Inventory has been overhauled after the webmaster spent weeks rebuilding all of the vents to reflect Bob Read's diagrams. VENTS
05/12/00 Model in progress section has been added to show visitors the webmaster's model as it developes. MODEL IN PROGRESS
12/08/00 Waterline information moved from SIGNS section to HULL section with scale measurements added. HULL
29/07/00 Addition of zinc sacrificial anode to rudder. Thanks to Hayden, Dan Cherry and Scott Andrews. HULL
29/07/00 All pages have been updated to include new photo etched parts now available from Tom's Modelworks  
20/07/00 Support products section updated to include new Tom's Modelworks photo etched brass sets. SUPPORT PRODUCTS
17/07/00 Vent No 37 configuration updated by Bob Read VENT 37
15/07/00 Aft Tank Room window configuration changed WINDOWS
15/07/00 Handrails added to Boat Deck 2nd Class Entrance BULKHEADS
15/07/00 Handrails added to tank room bulkheads BULKHEADS
09/07/00 Boat Deck Aft 2nd Class Entrance Window fix updated. WINDOWS
09/07/00 New Marconi roof layout added. MISCELLANEOUS
16/06/00 Modification of aft Gym window added. WINDOWS
16/06/00 Explanation of watermarks added to Signs section coutesy of Scott Andrews SIGNS
16/06/00 Tank room second port window on forward bulkhead deleted. BULKHEADS
21/05/00 Modification to port forward window of the officer's quarters added. WINDOWS
12/05/00 New vent added between Tank Room and No 3 Funnel researched by Bob Read. VENT 75
12/05/00 Vent No 57 modified configuration by Bob Read VENT 57
08/02/00 Alternative version of top of funnel no 4 by Bob Read added. FUNNELS
08/02/00 Diagram of propellor assembly showing use of aft well deck spanners by Scott Andrews added to bulkheads section. BULKHEADS
27/02/00 Bob Read has provided new information on the number of bolts used to secure the outboard propellors. HULL
27/02/00 The limited edition GMM bench have sold out and have been removed from the support products page. Don't fret if you haven't bought a set they have now been included in the 1/350 scale Gold PLUS Titanic/Lusitania Detail Set. SUPPORT PRODUCTS
27/02/00 Vent 19. The 'Whaleback' duct removed. VENT 19
27/02/00 Bruce Beveridge has pointed out that the 'whaleback' duct for vent 19 is really a simple breakwater. SKYLIGHTS

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